Great businesses need exceptional talent

Our clients range from independent finance businesses to start-ups, from VC backed companies to more established companies. Smart people. Great businesses.

Our clients see flexibility as a valuable benefit, not a concessionary measure. As a result, roles are challenging, flexible and part-time – not part-quality.

Our focus areas are primarily law, finance, marketing and strategy. But just like our clients, the roles we work on are hugely varied. We have a huge range of people on our books, so if you’re a star in a different field, we still want to hear from you.

Build your Career

We feel passionately that motherhood shouldn’t mean the end of a stimulating career*.

We believe that intelligence and experience are the most transferable skills.

(*We’re founded with outstanding professional women in mind, but we’re selective on grounds of quality not anything else, so if you’re a man or you’re not a mother we still want to hear from you!)

My Story

During my years in the City, I struggled to see how I could “flex” my corporate career – it seemed like I was compromising too much on all fronts. I knew that I wasn’t unique in this.

Then I joined a start-up, and it all fell into place: I could achieve flexibility without compromising ambition, challenging work or opportunity.

It was an equally great fit for our business –remaining lean without compromising on quality. I started to see the obvious mutual benefits of this partnership. The many businesses I surveyed (from start-ups to more established companies) agreed. So, motivated by a strong desire to empower businesses and talented professionals, I founded Hurston Eliot

At Hurston Eliot, we’re offering the best, on terms that suit everyone. If this sounds appealing, we’d love to hear from you.

“I have achieved the perfect work/life balance. I am working for a growing firm that appreciates the skills I can bring to a business but does not need a full time lawyer yet and I have the opportunity to use my legal training and experience in a way that fits around my current family life.”

Emma, General Counsel (2 days p/w), Colville Partners

Whether you’re looking for independent projects, a permanent role less than five days per week, or wanting to work full-time but with greater flexibility, we’d love to help you.

Build your career. Make time for your life.