Hire smarter

Hire outstanding professionals with the skills you need, for the amount of time you need, and for a sensible price. Whether that’s a lawyer two days per week, a COO for three or someone amazing for a short-term project is up to you. The rest is up to us.

Work Better

You get the support you need to help you work better, someone to complement your skills and with the experience your business needs to really make it soar.

It’s that simple

Supercharge your business

We’re empowering businesses and individuals by helping them to work smarter.

Perhaps you need a CFO, but not full time. Perhaps your business has reached critical mass and warrants dedicated legal or marketing resource, but only two days per week. Or perhaps you need someone simply awesome for a short-term strategic project, but not at the big firms’ rates.

Finding people on a part-time basis can be vital, but it can also be hard. Our community of professionals (mostly, but not exclusively, women) want interesting, challenging work, but on a less than full-time basis. Our rigorous selection process means you get the right match for your business, empowering you – and the person you hire.

Which means great results all round.

What people are saying about us

“Julia is brilliant at what she does: sourcing super powered women that can crush projects of all kinds and can work flexibly. She is professional, robust in her selection and keeps the hiring process efficient.”

Nick Hungerford, CEO, Nutmeg

Bespoke solutions

We have built our curated network of amazing professionals over a decade, a candidate community that we continue to expand. By accessing this network, we help you find the perfect resource to support your business– whether that’s for a permanent part-time position, a maternity or interim cover or for a particular project.

100% of brain share, at a pro-rated cost.

Our hiring solutions are well-thought out and rigorously researched. We’ve done the hard work of checking and referencing, so we’re confident of our executives’ experience, their reliability and their ability to deliver.

We only source exceptional people – and we’re very picky.