Our Founder

Julia graduated from Oxford with a First in English. After law school, she qualified as a solicitor with Linklaters before moving to Deutsche Bank, where she spent several years advising hedge funds (established and start-up) and their investors.

Throughout her corporate career, Julia felt passionately about entrepreneurship and the challenges and opportunities in growing businesses, prompting the move to join a software start-up as Head of Business Development. Having identified the value proposition of hiring someone with a blue-chip background on a part-time basis and leveraging her own network of outstanding women, she launched Hurston Eliot to do just that.

How we’re different


We are business people turned recruiters. Our backgrounds in Tier-1 investment banks, corporate law firms and start-ups, mean we really understand businesses, small and big. We’ve also used too many recruiters who don’t listen, so we know how important that really is.


We met Sarah, a superstar marketing exec, in the nursery ballet queue. Nathalie got in touch when she started to think about leaving her role with a hedge fund we used to advise. Becky, a salesperson at a Tier 1 Investment Bank, found us through a referral at the school gate, whereas we found Nina through a dedicated search. We have access to amazing, difficult to reach talent, and we know how to harness it.

High Standards

Too often part-time means lower quality. We independently reference all our candidates, and quality-check all our roles so we make great matches. Every time. We’re resolute in our commitment to find you the best match for your business, and we’ll do it as quickly as we can (we recently had three months to complete an assignment, but our client needed it done faster. So we found the right person in 13 days.)

Support & Feedback

We are a start-up. We understand the challenges of building a business. But our background and training means being responsive, rigorous and understanding an issue quickly is practically part of our DNA.

Our Name

We are named after the authors George Eliot and Zora Neale Hurston.

Both Hurston and Eliot wrote about the “hidden lives” of their subjects. They also both did things differently. We think we do too and, in doing so, hope to help businesses and individuals reach their own inimitable potential.